What is Sanity System?

Sanity System solutions are Tested and Certified portable devices that produce Ozone gas. Ozone gas purifies air and surfaces, quickly ensuring that all surfaces; glass, carpets, walls and hard to reach areas are sanitised and safe for customers and staff.


What does Sanity System do?

  • Sanity System purifies the air using exclusively ozone, yes, the same ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere!
  • It is a medical-grade, eco-friendly way to sanitise.
  • Ozone is a natural gas that removes over 99% of all unpleasant smells, bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, pollens & mites, and it inactivates viruses.
  • It also provides fresh oxygen, creating a refreshing environment for your customers and staff.
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Sanity System Uses

Sanity System is the trusted medical-grade air and surface purification system trusted by businesses and organisaitons across all sectors and industries. 

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